Duck foie gras with pears cooked in white wine and black currant sauce

18,00 EUR

Beef tartare with Parmegiano cream,capers, chilli and truffle toast

15,00 EUR

  Tuna tartare with capers, yuzu sauce and wasabi cream

16,00 EUR

Tigerprawn tartare with avocado and tomatoes

12,00 EUR

Mussels steamed in white wine with chorizo and shallot - cream sauce

14,00 EUR

Octopus boiled in red wine with sea asparagus, shallots and dried cherry tomatoes

16,00 EUR

Bruschetta with Chèvre cheese, fried zucchini and grilled bell peppers

9,00 EUR

Duck confit salad with fresh grapefruit, sprouts and toasted pine nuts

17,50 EUR

Spinach salad with goat cheese, boiled beets and passion fruit sauce

10,00 EUR

Caesar salad with chicken breast

11,00 EUR



  Dried meat, parsnip chips, goat’s cheese, caramelized nuts,

tigerprawns, sun-dried tomatoes, truffle toast,

trout caviar with sour cream and quail eggs, chicken liver pate,

Chorizo, Prosciutto, French cheeses, Kalamti olives

25,00 EUR



Leek - oyster soup with Pecorino cheese - truffle croutons

12,00 EUR

Coconut soup with chicken, shimeji mushrooms and coriander

8,00 EUR

  Onion soup with bresaola and Morbier cheese

8,00 EUR



  Grilled tuna steak with tomato - caper concasse and spinach

23,50 EUR

  Cod fillet with vegetable ratatouille and cuttlefish ink sauce

17,00 EUR

Baked halibut fillet with potato puree, green onion sauce and marinated pearl onions

16,50 EUR

  Risotto with penny buns and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

14,00 EUR

Pasta with seafood, cream sauce and herb oil

14,00 EUR

Duck breast with wild mushroom ravioli, fried parsnip and a creamy truffle sauce

20,50 EUR

Veal cheeks with parsnip puree, peas and red wine sauce

19,00 EUR

  Beef steak with grilled vegetables, shimeji mushrooms and demi glace sauce

23,00 EUR

Beef Welington with potato - truffle puree, fried mushrooms and port wine sauce

25,00 EUR

KOYA lamb dumplings

14,00 EUR

  KOYA burger with onion marmalade, fried bacon and B&Q sauce

16,00 EUR



Valhrona dark chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream

7,00 EUR

  Tarragon cream with berry jam

7,00 EUR

Lemon cream with lime sorbet and meringue cookies

7,00 EUR

  KOYA destructive cheese cake

7,00 EUR