A contemporary restaurant with a free atmosphere in industrial and creative Andrejosta

“The times are changing and we’re changing with them. Therefore, we’ve created a place where anyone can feel free, enjoying a genuinely good time, enjoying quality and outstanding food.” 

/KOYA Team/ 


KOYA’s chef PĀVELS SKOPA is renowned within the industry and is the winner of several chefs’ competitions*. The key to Pāvels’ success is his love for his work. He can create unusually delicious dishes, which vary in terms of the originality with which they are served as well as their special combination of flavours.

Pāvels creates dishes with imagination and creative, working on the tiniest nuances. Where does he get his inspiration from? From everyday things and his vision, perception and feelings regarding the world, surrounding events, as well as the cuisines and cultures of various nations.

*In March 2019, he won at two silver medals at the prestigious Greek chefs’ competition “11th International Culinary Competition Southern Europe 2019” – starting individually and in a team together with other representatives from Latvia.


The origins of the KOYA restaurant date back to 2012, when it was built on the remnants of the old port’s technical buildings, transforming into a contemporary restaurant with unique design, retaining lightness, light and space.

Initially, from the outside, this unprepossessing building left the impression that it was a fast food restaurant popular with port employees, and it was hard to believe that concealed on the inside was a top class studio-type restaurant with a partly open kitchen, where a diverse range of dishes are prepared inspired by global and domestic flavours and products.

Over the course of time, the restaurant building was renovated and modernized, retaining its main design elements and the feeling of “shelter” – the name “KOYA” is taken from the Japanese language and is translated as SHELTER.

Over the years, the restaurant has changed a great deal – from initially being quite upscale and formal through to a free, relaxed and even quite a “punky” atmosphere, all the while the retaining the outstanding quality and uniqueness of the food!